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Please note:

The maximum age for attending the SOLO Parachute Training Course is 55.

The maximum age for the Tandem Skydive is 70.

Anyone aged 60 or over requires an assessment by the Chief Instructor ideally before booking and form 115b signed by their doctor.

Form 114a (Solo declaration of fitness) can be used for both Tandem and Solo.

Form 115(Tandem declaration of fitness) (Less stringent) can be used for the Tandem Skydive only.

After doing a Tandem Skydive you may fancy attending the Solo Course and if you have a Tandem Medical you will have to go back and to get the correct form signed.

Skydive offer

Did you know?

Skydive on a Wednesday Thursday or Friday  can save you money.

Pay for 8000 feet skydive. Order Video/Stills and get a free upgrade to 10000 feet

£350 for Skydive Video and Stills Photos