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Tandem Skydiving and Solo Parachuting

Want to Learn skydiving. Skydiving gifts or Charity Skydiving direct from Skydive Tilstock

Tandem Skydiving and Solo Parachuting

Want to Learn skydiving. Skydiving gifts or Charity Skydiving direct from Skydive Tilstock

Jump attached to a professional.

Our most popular skydive.

Are you brave enough to jump on your own?
Learn the basics of parachuting.

Raise money for a good cause by doing a charity tandem skydive.

skydive Voucher

What better gift for your loved ones than to give them a fabulous and unique experience with a Skydive Gift Voucher?

Tandem Skydiving or Solo Parachuting

The lucky recipient of the voucher simply calls the club and we check the calendar to reserve their amazing day.

Come and Join Us

Come and Join Us

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Safety and Customer Service

We operate our small skydiving club to the highest standards of safety, under the regulatory body of the British Skydiving. Our sky diving instructors have combined jump numbers in excess of 25,000 jumps and have decades of experience.

You can read reviews from some of our customers at the bottom of the page

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Our Location

We offer Tandem Skydiving and Solo Parachuting Courses at our parachute club in Shropshire, which is the probably the closest club to you if you live between Liverpool, Manchester Birmingham, and Mid to North Wales.


Skydive Tilstock Freefall Club

Located near the Welsh border, south of Whitchurch in Shropshire, our skydive freefall club offers Tandem and Solo Skydiving experiences to the public.

This is the oldest continually-operating civilian skydiving location in England –
skydiving has been taking place at Tilstock Airfield since 1964.

Check out the links below for more information.

Every year, Skydive Tilstock works with dozens of charitable organisations throughout the region to raise funds with charity tandem parachuting events.

You can choose to raise funds for one of our local affiliated charities

or for a charity dear to your own heart.

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The Skydive Experience

Skydiving gives you a sensation that’s hard to explain.

You have to experience it to understand.

You can imagine the feeling of sitting on the edge of the aircraft
and then falling earthwards.

You can imagine it being similar to riding over the top on a big dipper or in a fast car over a hump-back bridge,
feeling the weird sensation you get in your stomach.

Skydiving is nothing like that.

Skydive at Skydive Tilstock Freefall Club for the ultimate experience.

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For the second year running, we are the only skydiving club in the UK (possibly in the world) to offset the carbon generated by our aircraft during a skydive.

This makes all our jumps carbon neutral.

Carbon Footprint

We’re very proud of our record.

We’re looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint further, with the aim of being totally carbon neutral and eventually becoming a carbon negative company.

Carbon Footprint
Skydive offer

Did you know?

Skydive on a Wednesday Thursday or Friday  can save you money.

Pay for 8000 feet skydive. Order Video/Stills and get a free upgrade to 10000 feet

£350 for Skydive Video and Stills Photos